Welcome to ElyServ

Brent a posted Jun 20, 17

Welcome adventurer, 

Elysium Survival has many plugins and features to offer players of all ages! Come and join us in enjoying this vanilla-esk stlye version of Minecraft and the quality of life changes that we have made to enhance your experience! Uponing joining, players will find that they have access to commands such as /fly and /back! This PvE enviorment offers player regions, LWC and CoreProtect, as well as anti-griefing rules to ensure that your hard work is safe!

Players may also enjoy a variety of other plugins such as McMMO, an Economy system, and more! Do you enjoy building with creative mode? No problem! becuase we've got you covered! Come check out our Creative Events world where we host regular building contests that yeild various player rewards! 

So what are you waiting for?! Come and join the fun today! Connect via IP: ElyServ.co


Leave us a suggestion for our server today by clicking here.

Server Rules can be viewed by clicking here.

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